Athletics Eligibility Rules

  1. Eligibility regulations include P.I.A.A. standards as well as local rulings included herein.
2. The athletic program is an extracurricular part of the school program. The first and foremost interest is the personal educational program of each student; thus, it is mandatory that he/she does maintain satisfactory grades. Should there be a question concerning academic eligibility, the principal, athletic director, and coach will personally review the case in question.

a. Student is ineligible to participate if he/she has “two or more F’s” in any subject.
b. Minimum suspension of one week starting with the Monday following eligibility report.
c. Eligibility for the first week of school will be judged on the grades of the last 6 weeks of the preceding year.
(1) Penalty for this time is one week only with minimum of one scheduled event
d. Cheerleaders are included under these rules.