The integration of technology in the curriculum available within the Chestnut Ridge School District is an area of focus and pride. Twenty-first century skills are integrated into every aspect of the learning culture as well as the daily operation of the schools. As a result, a broad range of technology offerings are available throughout the subject areas. This approach is believed to be a foundation for today's students to become strong contributors in tomorrow's mobile, technical workforce.Chestnut Ridge School District decides to integrate technology based on two primary factors. These are:

  • What value will it add to the mission of the district?
  • How will integrating an emerging technology improve student learning?

Adhering to this decision model has resulted in the implementation of a solid network and computing environment based on industry standards and best practices. Computers with secure and restricted Internet access are available in classrooms, lab environments and libraries to students from Kindergarten through twelfth grades. These computers are an integral part of the educational process in many of the educational disciplines including business, mathematics, science, English, social studies and technology curriculums.

Because of the availability of computers, the District has been able to make use of a wide variety of educational software. These tools enhance the learning process in nearly every educational discipline. Among the tools used are course management systems. These tools allow for students to take classes, receive tasks and submit homework and tests all via the Internet. The value of these capabilities is the preparation of the students for their future studies, which are conducted via the Internet with increasing frequency.

The District has taken advantage of grants such as Classrooms for the Future to continue to enhance the use of technology in the educational process. This grant provides laptops, wireless access and interactive whiteboards which facilitate integrated instructional practices designed to enhance standard teaching methods.

Chestnut Ridge is committed to a progressive integration and use of technology in the educational process, not only for increased learning opportunities across all educational disciplines and student capabilities, but to prepare the enrollment to be productive, contributing members of the future workforce.